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aisurucheza's Journal

Free Falling Through Life... Wonder What Will Catch Me When I Land.

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Hello I'm aisurucheza: The most realistic yet idealistic, pessimistic yet optimistic, serious yet silliest, determined/hardworking and yet the laziest person you'll probably ever meet. Who also has a tendency to over-think, worry too much, care too much, smile too much, sing too much and dance too much. It is a serious problem *nodding*

I'm usually a pretty private person so a lot of my entries not surrounding cosplay and anything of the dorky realm will most likely be friend locked. Don't need the whole world knowing my drama haha~ Ugh

And with that said, not completely against making new friends, just throwing that out there.

~Reivun-kun (Raven) <3

Loves to: cosplay -just not obsessively-, sing, dance and sleep.
Hates: Ignorance and Hypocrisy. Oh... and anything painfully cute and girly.
Current Obsession: Glee, Klaine, Rainbow Cupcakes xD
Long-Standing Obsessions: Tekken, Revolutionary Girl Utena and Sailor Moon <3

Tumblr: http://aisurucheza.tumblr.com/
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